AkolagTech (/HacholagTech/), an indigenous premier enterprise managed IT solution provider specializing in providing managed and un-managed IT services, cloud solutions, and hosting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses has reiterated their emphasis for optimum services in the country as Nigerian firms embrace cloud hosting and virtualization.

Speaking on the importance of cloud hosting, latency and support services for the IT firms in the country. AkolagTech, Managing Director / Chief Executive Office, Akim Olu in his chat with the media reiterated that the company is poised to give Nigerian organization the best service experience in line with what is obtainable in developed climes. He said “We have our core services such as Managed Hosting Solution, Business Continuity Solution, Cloud Solution, Systems, Network and Security Solutions, Procurement Services – Hardware and Software also Digital brand solution. Over the years, our expert team have been servicing various industries and delivering world-class solutions in Nigeria. We provide the best hosting experience for our clients, either locally or not. We support a client that prefers to host locally. We also offer the best advice in choosing the best technology that delivers the best user experience.”

“Virtualization and cloud computing are the process of facilitating data center infrastructure into scalable infrastructure. Our staff hand holds the operation of transitioning your IT infrastructure into a virtualized and cloud environment. By simplifying our client infrastructure, we make it easy to scale. We help our client set up a private cloud on-premises with the best virtualization and cloud solutions. We also make the transition into the cloud seamlessly”, he added.

The Data/IT expert said that many firms are having a nightmare in adopting the latest trends in technology. He opined that “Lack of adoption of the latest technology, and also regulation. We found out that some of the significant big enterprise businesses are struggling to adopt the newest technology. We understand that change is difficult, and learning new technology can be overwhelming. Also, the lack of technology investment is another challenge among small, medium, and big enterprise businesses. Ours is to assist these firms in adoption and also proffer the critical advisory solutions to these set of businesses “

As the small and medium firms emerge from the Covid 19 pandemic and looking for best ways to go digital. AkolagTech promised to guide these set of businesses in the path of full digitization especially going cloud. Business continuity and data protection are vital concerns for small and medium-sized businesses. The majority of firms depend on data integrity as a critical component of their operations.

“We help businesses evaluate their current situation, the most critical data, and provide the best solutions to manage and protect their valuable data. We offer data storage, back-up and recovery, and database management services. We also provide a solution to make sure our client complies with data protection. Policy”, Akin concluded.


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