Some philosophers call it chance, some theologians call it blessings, most motivational speakers call it strategic positioning, some pentecostals call it grace, and some traditionalists call it luck.

Whatever you call it, it happens to all of us. Life is not on a straight line and things do not come to us in ways we often expect.

Jay Jay Okocha with all his skillful play never won the African footballer of the year award. Or should we talk about Didier Drogba?

2face despite his voice and songs may never even be nominated for Grammy award not to talk of winning it.

There are people that write better than Chimamanda, but they may never get her opportunities and awards.

While the woman upstairs is praying to be pregnant and have atleast a baby, her neighbour downstairs is going to the hospital to see how she can stop being pregnant.

There are those born into wealth, there are those that made wealth, there are those despite all their intelligence and hard work will not taste what it means to be rich.

Those who have more get more, those who have less, even the little they have is taken away. Davido getting millions from friends just in few days should be an example here.

And here is my take: As long as you have something to offer, give your BEST into it and still carry it at the back of your mind that this life is never on a straight line.

And as you carry that in your mind, don’t forget to SINCERELY do what the bible says in Roman 12:15: “Be happy with those who are happy, weep with those who weep.” It is sign that you have transcended some of these worldly categories and that you are contented.

Have a blessed day friends!





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