Norak Technologies Limited, an indigenous information technology (IT) located in Lagos has partnered with the African Development Bank (AfDB)to bring world-class learning solutions to Nigerians known as “ACADASUITE.”  ACADASUITE has been described as innovative solution designed to bridge the gap in qualitative education at little or no cost. With an eye in reaching out to over 13 million students across the federation, ACADASUITE has been lauded by industry stakeholders as “welcomed development”

In Nigeria today, over 13.2 million kids out of school, two out of every three kids that do not have access to early childhood education and over twenty states of the federation unable to access counterpart funds through the universal basic education commission (UBEC) this with over thirty percent illiteracy level in the country, Acadasuite has been designed to address these aforementioned challenges.

Speaking to the media at the unveiling ceremony, Mr. Iheanyi Enyika, Managing Director of Norak Technologies Limited, the owners of Acadasuite said “Acadasuite is product that is focused at educational space. We are looking at ow we can be able to provide quality, affordable and accessible education solutions in the country. Though it has existed for over five years now, but on a low scale. There are lots of advantages in this solution considering the impact that we want to make in the educational ecosystem. Our solution impressed the AfDB last year during the “African versus Virus” program. “

“Acadasuite has branches such as school management software where school can manage their daily activities, then we integrated an e-Learning solution where students can learn remotely and teachers upload their content and can be seen via live feed. We also discovered that we had a lot of aversion or little capacity in the area of IT appreciation and deployment in various schools. We are using this solution to bridge these gaps. This Acadasuite content makes it possible to access contents without hiccups and can be bundled in a device for those in remote areas “. Enyika added.

With as low as N200 (Two Hundred Naira) per subject, ACADASUITE is a novel digital platform that offers quality, accessible and affordable education to all learners in Africa, starting with Nigeria without the underlying limitations such as Electricity, Internet and Expensive devices. ACADASUITE has the capability to provide a unified curriculum for schools in Nigeria. The overall objective is to reduce the cost of quality education, make it accessible in rural areas. Not only providing content, there are stringent quality process that teachers would pass through before their content would be uploaded. Norak Technologies Limited took a look at various teaching methods and choose the best. In a country where there are various teaching styles from British curriculum, American Curriculum and Montessori method, Acadasuite is bringing a convergence of these teaching methods to bring a unified learning platform.

The platform has been described also as a revenue earner for teachers that their content(s) would be uploaded and also a source of employment to graduates that are good in selected subjects all over the country.

ACADASUITE will contribute to social stability and economic advancement and also support disadvantaged children and the girl child education drive.

The platform makes learning to be customized to suite the learners’ need, strengths, skills and interests. Teachers will learn how to deliver their very best to meet the needs of individual learners  and contents are created by world-class educational consultants to assist students, teachers and schools “, Iheanyi Enyika concluded.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu

ACADASUITE will contribute to social stability and economic advancement and also support disadvantaged children and the girl child education drive.



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