Folks around do think that most of the top-notch indigenous information technology (IT) firms around are in Lagos State. This narrative has been busted over time by many resilient IT firms outside Lagos churning out world class and robust IT solutions. One of these few IT firms in Oyo State is Cellcore Nigeria Limited. Located at Sijuwola House Wema Bank Building Plot 5 Central Business District Dugbe in the ancient city of Ibadan. Cellcore has been at the forefront of developing capacities and building artificial intelligent (AI) solutions. One of the biggest deployments of Cellcore is the gaming application that has been integrated in various social media.

Speaking on the strides the company has made, Michael Nwaogu – Founder & CEO of CELLCORE Ltd said “Our Lotto Software is a special application designed for our clients in the lotto and lottery business, supporting SMS/Web/POS and USSD game play channels and other “more ground-breaking and innovative” channels. With an all in one suit for gaming channels, a capacity for expansion by inclusion of more, our application is a robust bouquet of game play source options, making us the go to guys for lotto and lottery businesses seeking to capture both technologically savvy, non-savvy, experienced and inexperienced lotto players. Even individuals by simply”

He opined that “we have made gaming simpler and easy. Facebook’s Messenger and other chat applications launched CHAT BOTS, and it was the cue we needed to integrate the new AI technology buzz into their gaming experience. Instead of having to go back and forth, logging out of their Facebook accounts and websites, and then visiting their gaming portal of choice, they can simply access it via our Facebook’s Messenger CHAT BOT.”

“Building application; mobile or web with any operating system or platform is something we do very well here at CELLCORE LIMITED. Having built mobile apps for social interaction (FOLOWR, LOTTOKING) and financial services (PAYCOLLECT), our capabilities extend even further to apps in other areas of human endeavour and interest”, Mike Added.

On their solution for customer centric organization, Cellcore has built a user friendly and easy solution for small and medium scale businesses that are desirous of having a customer centre but with a budget. The Cellcore Solution has brought smiles to many SMEs that are interest in support services. Nwaogu added “On our call service platform, our clients are afforded a bouquet of call-based services including Robo-Call (Voice Messaging) services, Interactive Voice Response system services (IVR), Call Termination (VoIP) connections in collaboration with and Call Centre service setup assistance/consultancy.”

“Push Notification as a means of messaging allows you to send a variety of rich format messages directly to mobile devices that have your mobile application installed, thereby enhancing variety and optimizing your communication options with your subscribers. Using our optimized push notification platform – PUSHit customers enjoy unhindered access to their apps while bypassing the usual limitations of regular push notification restrictions”, Nwogu concluded.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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