One Number Dial, an indigenous information technology (IT) solution created to ease the way organizations communicate and reach out to staff, public and prospective clients in a cost effectively method has announced a free eleven-month period for subscriptions. Developed solely to bridge gaps experienced by organisations in reaching out, One Number Dial Solution is bringing an efficient way that firms disseminate critical information in a secure platform designed for smartphones and feature phones users in the country.

The coronavirus pandemic has irrevocably changed the way businesses globally operate and the need for investment in IT tools becomes more imperative today. Also coming at a time that the Government has encouraged Nigerians to work from home and limit their social interactions. Many users have described One Number Dial solution as timely and important for many organisations to function and work properly in a post Covid 19 workplace. The solution has also been described as being critical for bulk messaging needs for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Churches, Mosques and Individuals. The regular Bulk SMS suffers limited delivery because of DND this “One Number Dial” is bridging this gap.

Speaking about the solution and the importance of One Number Dial, Shola Kusimo, the Product Manager said “We listened to the market for a local solution, when customers complained of being left behind from online meetings in Organizations and Churches, SMS wasn’t bi-directional and a lot of people still have feature phone. The solution is as an incredible tool with years of research and it has raised the bar in the way firms can reach out to the public and staffs working remotely”

“As an innovative and local solution that meets their need to stay in touch with customers, members and prospects. Highly simple, the solution allows one to record a voice message on phone, save it on the website and broadcast it just like bulk short messaging service (SMS) websites. The recipient gets a call with your One Number and listens to the message. If they choose to call back, the call comes to your line or any other provisioned line. You can provision up to ten lines”, Mr.Kusimo added.

 “The particular solution also empowers users advertise one number and gets calls on ten other numbers at the same time making it very useful for individuals with a “side hustle.” One Number Dial calls are professionally answered like a Call Centre with different departments in an IVR e.g. for inquiry press 1, for sales press 2, to speak with a customer representative stay on the line, and all these features are simple to configure on their portal. The One Number Dial is a simple solution for all Nigerians that are looking for an easier communications bridge to their customers, members and their prospects”, Mr. Kusimo concluded.

A Cloud based solution, One Number Dial is in tune with the current realities of our time by providing a robust platform that any organization can use to instantly call and send customized messages to hundreds of people at the same time which is great for clients and customers, this is coming with support team to ensure that organizations have smooth experience while using the platform.  They announced in a media parley that there is a promotion which is currently running because of Covid-19. Customers can get up to eleven months free when they pay in the months of June/July.




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