Entertainment is one of the greatest exports in Nigeria today, across the globe Nigerian music is being played and industry players are recognized, just recently some Nigerian artistes were recognized in the just concluded Grammy awards. An industry constantly evolving and changing, the need to bring in fresh inputs and ideas have always been seen as a driver. Mesic, a new music label that will be launched in the month of April is poised and position to bring in the desired freshness and creativity.

Speaking on the importance of changing the narrative in the industry, the tech market leader and the award winning Ebia said “we are bringing new things such as unique sound, choice of creative talents, the choice of producers are new breed of young people. We are looking at global business starting from Nigeria. We are looking at unique sound that is not the normal sounds we hear in the country. We are bringing something unique to the table. “

“Our distribution model will be different from the norm. hinging on everything is the technology that we are going to deploy from production to mastering and distribution. Mesic will be a clear departure from what is in the industry. With a lot of focus in the Nigerian entertainment ecosystem, ours is to be a reference point”, Ebia added.

Coming from a tech background and digital marketing ecosystem, the founder of Mesic, Michael Ebia who Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder. Ebia is also responsible for the overall strategic direction, growth, and management of ADE Digital, with his wealth of knowledge and exposure, he will be bringing these exposures to the entertainment industry.

Ebia is a marketing professional with a passion to propagate Digital Marketing in Africa. Founder, iAmSoDigital Africa and Author, ME’s Blog, www.iamsodigital.me  (Africa’s Leading Digital Buzz Blog) An Idea Developer, Social Media Strategist, Online/Web Expert. Advertising. Strategic Sponsorship Scouter – SSS. Speaker. Change Agent. As the Co-Founder of ADE Digital, Ebia is saddled with the responsibility of the overall strategic direction, growth, and management of ADE Digital.Providing oversight on all digital projects and campaigns at ADE. He managed Communicate Better Group in United Kingdom; he managed the firm’s general digital marketing efforts across its offices in the UK.


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