There are no jobs, oh yes, I agree but there is so much opportunities in outsourcing especially in the area of capacity and skills. Many organizations and private homes are looking for some sort of skillsets and it is creativity that is needed to fill these niches. As a young NYSC leaver, why hang around jobs that you might not scale, why don’t you get your organization registered and look for a niche area you can fit into. It is cheaper to enter must you must abide with the standards.

Let take outsourcing of labour that requires no skills, I stay in Lagos and Lagos is such a busy place, mums are on the move, dads have moved and the kids are just there either in school learning or at home moping until mummy and daddy are home. Now ask most women that loves their kids, well almost claim that they love their kids, one of the greatest challenges they have is getting a house help or domestic help. Now this is where you come in with your business dexterity and sagacity.

Outsourcing can bring big benefits to your business, but there are significant risks and challenges when negotiating and managing outsourcing relationships. What is outsourcing? Outsourcing is a business practice in which services or job functions are farmed out to a third party.

Let me give you a layman example, you have a wife and you love your wife very well and she loves you so much, now she is heavily pregnant maybe around the trimester, you know miscarriage is high within that period, now you as a husband would love to go on celibacy path but your wife loves you so much remember and she read up that lack of sex can make a man develop prostrate cancer in his early 50s and she doesn’t want to be a widow either. Being a widow is stressful and she can’t also do her wifely duties due to her pregnancy now what she would do as a reasonable woman is to find a lady that would keep the husband company for a period of time. In economics that 3rd party lady that would be providing comfort for her husband for a time being is called outsourcing. She has outsourced her role to the 3rd party in the interim.  

You have a village, right? Hope you go to village, if you do not go to village, shame on you! If you are not local like me, you should be embarrassed! Now as a local you, you can look around villages, have a value proposition for the village folks (rural urban migration is real and we entered the train) sell a good picture of life in an urban area, get their dossier now when done, you can engage those thick madams in cities that will want a househelp, a baby sitter or domestic hand …tell them how much they will pay monthly to your company account (get it registered)  and get a binding agreement on what they will do for the house help like training in fashion, sending her to school  or learning a trade.

Then you can go into agreement with the househelp (let me use the word partner because madam is client here) and tell her the percentage you will be deducting from her salary maybe you can do 30%, so if madam pays househelp 40k a month and 30% is basically 12k and if you have 10 of these helps you are making 120k a month. So why carry files around looking for 25k jobs with your master’s degree?

This domestic help outsourcing fits women most, women can run it as a business, have an office, dress to work, have a customer complaint unit and take calls. It is a good job.



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