Your bank can give you credit facility or loans but can’t give you clients or customers. This is popular cliche that every business owner must understand. Writing fancy proposals, making awesome slides in presentation isn’t enough the key thing is go to market approach. What is the go to market approach for every brand? It is ability to understand the market, penetrate the market and maintain a segment of market .

You can’t get these through credit facilities or some fancy PR stuff but the key here is basically market research! Conn8 Media Solutions market research consultant Nonso Anyatuonwu ! He has made it easier for new brands to understand that market research shouldn’t be a thing for the big and established firm. Start-ups can key into this critical information.

In an era of information, there is need to have critical market information before leaping into any market. With market research by competent people . This would avail the business owner reduced Risk exposure and make them take critical and informed decisions. This is what Nonso and Conn8 Media is bringing to the bare.

In a nutshell Market Research can be defined in such a simple way , let’s take for instance an eatery or quick service restaurant wants to establish an outlet in an area, the key function of market research is to know 1. The population of families 2 . The people that are single that can buy the food 3. The taste of the people (those that might like pastries or traditional dishes) 4. Average income earning of the neighbourhood….and so many more.

Market research can be applied in all facets of human endeavour. An NGO that is looking out to assist and intervene in the business of women can deploy the role of market research for those that are actually in need of the intervention. There is also need to look at how to get things done rightly.

Market Research has been made easy for start ups! It is easier today to engage firms like Conn8 Media to partner with you on the best way to penetrate that market and get the share.


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