The Deputy Medical Director, General Hospital, Ijede, Dr. Olumuyiwa Balogun-Oluwa, has charged members of staff to always exhibit the right attitude in the workplace in order to maintain a positive and good organisational image.

Dr. Balogun-Oluwa spoke while outlining the activities planned to mark the year 2021 World Customer Service Week, noting that the right attitude in the workplace facilitates an accomplishment of the organisation’s goals and objectives, just as it promotes cordial interpersonal relationships.

He explained that attitude is a way of feeling, thinking, treatment or behaviour exhibited towards others, maintaining that abnormal attitude arises from either economic or social situations affecting people.

“When you are able to change the attitude of people, you will be able to successfully gain the confidence of the clients thereby leading to an increase in revenue and productivity”, Balogun-Oluwa said.

According to him, studies have revealed that attitude is formed when a child grows up to take after certain behavioural patterns in his immediate environment, maintaining that family background, peer group influence, educational background, religious affiliation, cultural background, life expectations and societal expectations are some of the contributing factors that shape the attitude of man.

Balogun-Oluwa maintained that Conflict is one of the major causes of poor attitudinal issues in humans, stressing that conflict exists whenever two or more goals are incompatible while choosing one can cause stress from failure to deal with the other.

The Deputy Medical Director, therefore, emphasised that workers must be constantly educated on the need for attitudinal change in the workplace, informing that it would help every member of staff develop personal integrity and confidence in relating well with the internal and external public, as well as improve on communication skills, self-belief and organisational management.

While submitting that negative attitude can be reduced in society, Dr. Balogun-Oluwa said it is imperative for persons to treat others with respect, courtesy and love, stressing that individuals should brace up and face the stressful challenges of life in order to have a positive attitude to enjoy the workplace experience.

“A happy staff is a happy customer, when the staff are happy, their attitude will be positive and a happy client leads to good patronage”, the DMD affirmed.


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