It seems and look like Facebook is deleting the professional findings of medical doctors, the other social media platforms are doing the same.

Any findings done asserting that hydroxychloroquine, zinc and antibiotics treat COVID-19, these leftwing companies delete it. Especially when it is actual medical doctors talking about it.

They said “listen to the doctors,” but they meant “listen to OUR doctors.” So a plastic surgeon loved by CNN who has not treated one single COVID-19 patient becomes an expert in it whilst 20 doctors actively treating COVID-19 patients are censored.

Bill Gates who is not a medical doctor nor in the medical profession is an expert on vaccination and coronavirus but medical doctors, epidemiologists and virologists are censored.

They do this to one end only, political control. The question is why do they want political control?

Fauci said masks won’t work, he wasn’t censored. Months later he says masks must be worn, he wasn’t censored. One of those statements must be wrong but neither got censored 🤷🏽‍♂️

How come it is the same set of people that supported arson, looting, impeachment, lockdown cum house arrest, rioting during same lockdown, are the same ones who hate the idea that there is an effective COVID-19 even when presented by medical experts including Ivy league professors?

Mark Zuckerberg, I will use your platform to call you out. What those doctors said is backed by both research, empirical evidence and science.

I know you already know that. So based on what were their videos censored? You say it causes harm, what harm does hydroxychloroquine with zinc cause?
Name 10 people that have so been harmed by hydroxychloroquine with zinc treatment. I can name over 10 people who got saved by same hydroxychloroquine, I will start with Cuomo of CNN.

Your charade at playing fair as you try to turn the world into China-like virtual prison will ultimately fail. This world belongs to all of us not only those who agree with mainstream media narrative. Your victory will be short, freer platforms will spring up.

Yomi Lawal


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