This day last year, I went for an interview; one of the many law firms I applied to in Lagos. One of the interviewers said: “we hope you repeat this first class again at the law school”. It was one of those interviews I left, flattened with doubts, and feeling blue. I got home and slept off in my gladrags.

That same night, law school results came out and it was again a first class! As I stared at the “First Class”, it was a wistful sense of fulfillment and gratitude. It was quiet, but intense.

That result seemed to have changed many things. A double first class honours, seemed to have forcefully opened a few more doors. In two weeks from that day, I went from actively seeking job placements for my NYSC programme, to rejecting offers for better ones.

I did not have the typical story of excellent skill sets or a truckload of previous internship experiences. God was kind to the little I had to show for. He worked wonders with my story, I was never most deserving. It’s been one year and my most felt emotion remains gratitude. The message here is simple: the biggest stories we have to tell are mostly inexistent without God’s providence. We’re never the most qualified for anything. Keeps me humble.

Destiny Ogedegbe


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