Imaginative Fear is one thing that has made a lot of Christians worry and fall out of faith. This has made it impossible for a lot of Christians to have true trust in God forgetting that God said to us, “fear not ” a whole lot of times in the Bible…so why do christians have this imaginative Fear.

Romans 12. 2 encouraged christians to be transformed by renewing of their mind. It is important that we as a Christian must renew and transform out lives in the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Imaginative Fear has made a lot of Christians to loose not only trust but patience in the words of God. The imaginative fear has made a lot of Christian not to hear the voice of counsel and advise from people especially their pastors.

In 2nd Corinthian 4: 6 this verse also talked about renewal of spirit and killing the outward man. This renewal comes only when we have conquered the spirit of imaginative fear. Basically be courageous and fear not .

When Moses was dead. God told Joshua in a clear terms to “fear not” people are always afraid these days and this imaginative fear has lead people to do desperate things.

People must know that “fear will kill the person before the actual death ” that is why we are encouraged to eschew and avoid fear in all ramifications. A Christian worth his salt and that knows his value will never fear.

Fear is the main formula of defeat. We must know that for us to fail in life , the main ingredient is fear. So, why should you be afraid. Fear is the basic thing that would a spouse to spy on partners phones etc.

As a parent, don’t put fear in the lives of your children. Try and remove fear from them… We must understand that life is all about risk and challanges it is only the strong willed and courageous people would storm the weather of life . Fearful people can’t make it. So as a Christian face your fear!

I don’t like my maths teacher, you have started facing the fear of maths and for you to be good in maths you must first love the subject. Fear makes one selfish and unreliable. If you want to succeed in life fear must be replaced with faith

In the books of Psalm 37: 5 God said commit thy ways into the hands of God! You must start believing in God and thrusting him and not being afraid. Fear has done so much damage than good in many Christian homes. We must know that there s risk in being fearful and worrying….why worry when you can pray! Imagine the birds of the air. They always survive…this is the truth.

We must think right, our belief system is imperative here. We must start thinking right and start believing in positivity. We must understand that in life there is a time of preparation don’t think that this presentation time is a time that shouldn’t be used to fear but we must understand that it is a growth curve.

In 2nd Corinthian 3: 18, the bible said that what we see would trouble us and when we have a face to behold the glory of God and change to glory to glory. The chapter made it clear that our focus should be on God and that is where we have to derive our strength.

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