Our vision is to Become the Leading Provider of Technology Driven Security Solutions – Olasunbo

In this media chat, Olasunbo Atekoja, the Co-founder of Seclot Vet and Country Manager of Seclot, an IT security firm that ensures that organizations do not get breached, located in Lagos, the Seclot boss talks about security, how they have been deploying top-notch security solutions, offline and online in the country and why many of their clients are happy with them. Anthony Nwosu captures these in an exclusive interview.

As an IT firm, can we know the core practice of Seclot Limited?

SECLOT was coined from Security for the LOT, our core practices are background verification, surveillance systems and tracking systems. We noticed that the above-mentioned areas are places that many organizations have challenges, ours is to fill in these voids by providing world-class services. Seclot is a security-oriented company that deals with online security and physical security. Our vision is to Become the Leading Provider of Technology Driven Security Solutions in Africa and To Become the Leading Provider of Technology Driven Security Solutions in Africa.

In terms of product offering and service, what are your unique go to market approach?

We leverage social media and referral marketing. We deliver complex security solutions by helping protect data, Intellectual Property and the reputation of individuals and organizations. We have deployed and handled big projects over time and these projects speak for us in various way, referrals pour in and we appreciate our clients for this kind gestures.

You are playing in security ecosystem such as deploying CCTV etc, how has this been?

Our major source of income has been the CCTV deployment however there seems to be a lot of players in the field. We currently leverage referral marketing in getting new clients. Do you have a thief invading your property or you are not sure of what your house helps does at home in your absence, installing CCTV would help to catch them while at the act! CCTV can act as a huge deterrent to criminals, they are less likely to target your property’s once they notice CCTV installed there. In order to make the most use of this, clearly advertise its presence on your property. Our solution is for both corporate and individuals especially parents. Knowing where your kids are at a particular point in time or been sure that all things are in place can help promote peace of mind which in turns promote productivity. Our CCTV solution try to address these questions.


As the country is getting a bit perilous, how can organizations and individuals deploy IT tools to combat crime and security breaches?    

The first success criteria in combating crimes are having a database of people, this would inform possible perpetrators that they can easily be caught. I would advise organizations to ensure they carry out background and address verifications on all their staff before employing them. In a case where a staff was planning to commit a crime but knows he can be traced; he would probably not commit the crime. Also, all the IT tolls must be in place depending on the level of business you operate, from biometric scanners, card technologies even motion sensors can be deployed.

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Cloud solution is big today. As a player in the ecosystem how have you been deploying cloud solutions in the country?

We are currently building our vetting platform(https://dev.vet.seclot.com/) using Microsoft Azure. The platform is a self-service portal where you can create your profile and upload details of people you want to vet. The vetting would be done and result uploaded back to the portal, interestingly, you can still view these details years after the vetting has been done. We also relentlessly focus on securing our clients digital ecosystem where data assets are the most valuable and vulnerable components of the global economy leveraging our professional teams across Africa to deliver exceptional solutions and services.

You have a distress notifier, how does this work and has it been deployed, what are the success rates?

Yes, we have a distress notifier. This was developed and launched in 2019 however we couldn’t record enough success. From analysis, the failure resulted from lack of stakeholder buy in, unwillingness of users to pay and lack of marketing. Personal insecurity is a growing concern amongst people, we ensure you can reach out to people or your loved one’s when in need, be it Domestic violence, Sexual assault, Robbery, Road accident, Kidnap; having the ability to click a button and get people come to your aid is a necessity. Our Distress Solution empowers your mobile phone, wrist watch, every other available wearable device (IOT) to be used as a distress notifier.

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