Irrespective of the teething environment the start up operate here in Nigeria, it has been known that Nigerian startup ecosystem is a bustling and busy one. With lots of energetic Nigerians showcasing their creativity and ability to scale, the world has over the time taken notice of this emerging trend in Africa’s most populous nation. In line with this Obiora Ozor, the founder of Kobo 360 has been profiled and recognized by Forbes Magazine. This is a testament of what the Nigerian you can do.

Taking to his Linkedin page, the elated Ozor said “I’m extremely excited to grace the cover of Forbes Africa special 9th Anniversary issue. To be aligned with such a globally celebrated brand that is at the forefront of bringing African stories to the world is such an honor and a blessing. I reflect back on my journey.”

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“As a teenager, I earned the nickname ‘King of the Igbos’ because of my entrepreneurial nature – today, I am recognized as a change-maker and tenacious new wealth creator in Nigeria’s new digital economy. Thank you, Forbes Africa, for this recognition. But most importantly, thank you to my amazing squad at Kobo360 who made this special milestone happen for me”, he added.

Kobo 360 is a leading logistic solution provider. Kobo promotes the values of creativity, drive and imagination, which are vital to Africa’s economic future. Building a dynamic and innovative company is a critical element in sustaining Africa’s new-found optimism. And this one will not only grow shareholder’s worth, but also create exponential economic expansion. The online logistics solution, Kobo360, has been launched to drive parcel and mail deliveries for individuals and Small and Medium and Enterprises, SMEs across Nigeria.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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