Omicron, take this from me “They” (West) will not respect you… They will not listen to us. We must start to understand that respect is earned not demanded. One thing I like about my folks is that they strongly believe that respect is earned not cascading from parents to kids. In my place nobody cares who your father is.. It is what you are. So the earlier we Africans start seeing this the better for us but unfortunately we would be disregarded in global scheme of things because we have refused to evolve ! We must start contributing to the global community not alway asking for one aid or grant.

I am sorry, this post might be seen as some level of demureness from sane folks but the truth is what it is. If Covid 19 originated from Africa, that would have been our greatest undoing as a group of people.. Thank lord it was a Wuhan Virus and in China but the truth is that the world didn’t want to call it Chinese virus so as not to offend the sensibilities of the Chinese and the Orientals have come a long way to make their mark in the world. The occidentals (West) was careful not to tag it a Chinese thing…

The West is battling the effect of the Covid maybe due to adaptation and environment but unlike us in Africa… We are moving on with less than a fragment of population infected. Providence has a way of Making a way for the black race but we have refused to see it… But then the Omicron came…

The coming of Omicron was the game change… The delta version was there it was downplayed then the omicron variant of Covid came to town.. Having been discovered in South Africa either in lab.. They went to town that Africa has brought an upgraded version… And funny enough no Africa leadership be it AU, OAU, ECOWAS or any fancy acronym have the guts to speak up and change the narrative…. Shame on them.

Embargo and closure are coming left right and centre… Africans are shut out of the global travel space because of omicron. It is like looking for a way to give a dog a bad name to kill the dog… Ochoro mgbafu sịrị na aloru ya anya…

The greatest one was our colonial masters shutting their doors on us. Why wouldn’t they shut the doors… When we have stopped our evolutionary process… I am a bit of Darwinist…

… Why didn’t they lock Chinese out? They can’t because China has shown that they have come of age… If this Wuhan Covid virus came in the 60s and 70s they would have locked them out! But they can’t do that today! Why?

The Chinese have over the years changed the global narratives.. They have shown that democracy isn’t the best form of government and with communism with a little of representation they have been able to make their country a world class lifting billions out of poverty, countries like yours indebted to them, built capacity in technology and infrastructure. They have exported expertise globally and they can’t be ignored. They have earned the respect of others… So you can’t fucking lock them out!

Now African countries are being locked out because of this Omicron that was discovered in South Africa, probably in lab… Why would they not lock us out when we go cap in hand borrowing money and begging for grants. Why will they not lock us out when we don’t have the capacity to manage ourselves, tray ourselves and build our own wealth. We either go to borrow from the West or save our money in the West. We can’t even treat ourselves, we always run their for treatment.

Do you think they will respect you? Hell No! No respect people that will pray everyday in foreign religions to leave their nations to be refugee in other western nations.

To me I don’t see anything bad in the Western nation trying to protect their countries and people. This is the time the African leadership must start looking inwards and move onwards to putting intelligent people that are independent minded to man their affairs and eschew these pettiness, religiosity, tribalism and clannish tendencies that have bedeviled the continent.

Anthony Nwosu


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