The commitment of the Shared Prosperity administration of His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma towards improving the revenue generation of the state, has continued to receive boosters with the transformation of ADAPALM’S administration, production and export engagement.

The once moribund State institution which was revitalized by the 3R Government upon resumption of office, has expanded her production capacity which led to the acquisition of license for export. Today, it’s on record that ADAPALM produces over 40,000 metric tones of pure palm oil.

As part of plans to boost the economic growth of the enterprise, pineapple has been added to the league of ADAPALM’S products. With the addition of pineapple to ADAPAM, there is a guarantee of a whole range of new products which would improve on revenue generation for the state.

To further harness the production capacity and human resources at the enterprise, the administrative block has received a facelift which now offers comfort in the discharge of duties. This would complement needed administration to support and deliver on the new projects.

The 3R Government isn’t just another political administration but one armed with the objective of redefining the state with economic stability.


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