St Martins Hotel a new entrant in the hospitality and tourism sector in Anambra state has been lauded for their innovative and world-class services that they have introduced to the state. With top-notch finishing and great services, the hotel has been described as a pearl in the Eastern Nigerian tourism ecosystem.

Bringing finest luxury in lodging and dinning in the state, the hotel has been described as a class of its own. Speaking of the importance of the hotel in the landscape, Martin Ndigwe the Chief Executive ad Founder of St Martins Hotel stated “We aim to be the pride of place in the hospitality sector by providing security, comfort and a home away from our clients using best in class accommodations. We have highly motivated and courteous staff and technology to ensure that your stay is memorable.”

Tucked between the twin cities of Enugu and Onitsha/Asaba, the St Martins hotel is just an hour away from Enugu international airport and about one hour thirty minutes from Asaba local airport in Delta state. This has endeared the hotel to businessmen and politicians/diplomats seeking to do business in the most robust Eastern Nigerian state of Anambra. The hotel has also introduced complimentary Airport pickup from any of the aforementioned airport making is one of the very few that is offering such service in Anambra state. Not only that, the hotel has employed local and international flight booking for their clients making them to be one of the most pampered clints in the Anambra tourism ecosystem.

Newly weds aren’t left out, in giving back to the society, the hotel has introduced a highly discounted rates for couples called “3 Nights Honeymoon Package.”

With various awards like 2018 Travellers’ Choice and Boutique Hotels Award, this has shown the world-class status of the hotel making it rank top in the state. The hotel has been known for extreme customer comfort experience. This has exceeded the expectation of many people; the hotel has aimed for consistency in giving attention to details at all times.

Located at Kandi Okeke Crescent by Ifite Rd in the capital city of Awka, the hotel has numerous rooms that has been described as mini museum and gallery where top art works adorn the walls with ambience lights that will relax the mood of the guests.

“Our vision is to be an organisation where trust, reliability, comfort, good cuisines and security will be our watchword. We are poised to be the best in exceptional guest experience with our high quality of service”, Martin added.



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