Rush takes the hassle out of finding the right courier partner for new businesses

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For many entrepreneurs, selecting a reputable and efficient courier partner for their fledgling business is far more challenging than it first appears. Customers have high expectations for a convenient, seamless experience from the beginning of a transaction until its completion at the point of delivery. According to Mike Farquharson, Managing Director of online courier aggregator Rush, an Ocean on 76 Group company, any misstep in the process will simply lead customers to switch to a competitor – a loss few entrepreneurs can afford in the early days of getting a business off the ground. “This makes the selection of a courier partner for their new business an extremely important, but often overlooked decision for entrepreneurs.”

Delivery services are critical to the modern business, whether an entrepreneur relies on the timeous delivery of sensitive documents or fulfilling e-commerce orders. “Prioritising the customer experience is essential, which is why partnering with dynamic, like-minded companies that understand the necessity of getting things right the first time at the best price possible matters,” notes Farquharson.

According to research from marketing firm HubSpot, 93% of customers are more likely to make repeat purchases from companies that provide superb customer support, which includes careful attention to the all-important delivery ‘last-mile’. “On the Rush platform, users experience a bang-for-buck booking portal that provides a choice of prices and services across a multitude of courier companies in real time. The Rush courier network is made up of highly experienced, top tier courier companies giving entrepreneurs the peace of mind they need,” he says.

As delivery is the last point of interaction between a business and their client, it leaves a lasting impression, says Farquharson. “Late or damaged consignments are a massive risk to a seller’s brand. Entrepreneurs and small businesses need a fast, reliable service without complicated, hidden costs. Rush offers value for money on an easy to use platform without huge deposits or cumbersome paperwork.”

Farquharson adds that finding a fast, reliable, and trustworthy courier service shouldn’t be an onerous and time-consuming exercise. “Partnering with Rush means partnering with the right couriers. This ensures entrepreneurs retain customers, get a good handle on delivery expenses, and frees them up to focus on scaling their operations.”


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