For music lovers , Google play music is one app that comes handy. Fishing out high quality music but unfortunately it’s nomore to be found in our android phones. An app that comes as factory installed, Google the owner of the music app has discontinued the support of the app so no more music via Google! We have to look for another music apple player for us to enjoy music.

Google is known to discontinue many of it’s apps that we have so come to love such as Google plus and now this. We don’t know why they choose to do this to us. We so get used to their product, Bang, they would yank it off! This music app of theirs come with quality and the sound output HD , one of the finest in the Playstore.

Google said “Google Play Music will be shutting down by December 2020 and starting September, members will begin to lose access to the service”

According to Ellisa Bain of HITC, she said “Google actually announced a really long time ago that the Google Play Music Store would be disappearing in the near future, and back in August they finally put a date on it, confirming that it would be discontinued in September 2020.”

“They began to roll it out gradually, first discontinuing Google Play Music in New Zealand and South Africa before the rest of the world followed in October.”,Bain added.

Though Google gave us a soft landing and didn’t want us to be fully heartbroken by taking us another route though many of us find that cumbersome which is youtube library channel. Personally I found that cumbersome and till date I couldn’t migrate my music.

“When you visit the Play Music website, you are greeted with a message that tells you “the Music Store on Google Play is no longer available” Bain concluded .

“If you want to save your Google Play Music data (including your purchases and uploads), you can either transfer it to YouTube Music or download it to your computer using Google Takeout” Google opined.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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