The continuous campaign for a redress and restitution of the civil service dignity and rules of service to the state and humanity cannot be overemphasized.

His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma has continued to reiterate at every fora, the need for introduction of hygiene within the civil service. However, this cannot materialize without enabling atmosphere and that informed the Governors maiden visit to the state Secretariat upon resumption of duty.

In a recent expository by His Excellency, he bared open the rate of civil servants complicity in perpetration of frauds by politicians. While urging the politicians to redress, the civil servants shouldn’t be of exclusion. The Governor reassured that while the problem is big, yours truly who has come to solve it, is bigger.

His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, made it clear that we can’t afford to have all that we desire if we do not jettison fraud and corruption in the civil service. We desire quality road construction while some people are receiving pension but never worked for the state; we desire infrastructure while some people receive multiple salaries from various government agencies. All these were made possible by the complicity of the civil servants.

In the midst of propaganda and misdemeanor by purported Union leaders, whom are presumably retired, the government would continue to fight these set of cabals who have sworn to milk the state dry for selfish reasons. Profit cannot be actualized without proficiency, the successful elimination of corruption from our system would guarantee governments delivery of quality infrastructure.

The Shared Prosperity administration of His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma would not relent in the drive for zero tolerance in governance and administration. Imo must be better.



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