The first of the debates just ended and it was fireworks and salvos thrown from both Candidates.

From an unbiased stand point Joe Biden did well beyond expectations. He stuttered in between sentences but held his forte tenaciously. He came charging with accusations against Trump, railing against the presidents Coronavirus response. He seemingly came with sucker punches determined to throw Trump off the railings.
For awhile I thought Trump was being done in by Joe.

Trump came right immediately with counter attacks. Intermittently interrupting Biden exposing the half truths being bandied by Biden. Trump charged in on him reminding everyone that it was Biden that called his travel ban xenophobic.

Trump wasn’t going to get civil and cozy on that stage with Biden. He sounded more like an Alpha, he carpeted Biden’s plan for a Nationwide total shutdown, he reminded all that he opened the economy because it was hurting the masses; suicide, divorces and depression was high in the country as a result of the shutdown.

Livelihoods lost because of the continued shutdown by democratic run governors. He took Biden on the offensive and Biden had to scamper to refute and take back his words about the Nationwide shutdown he had touted before the debates.

Trump was going to be caught napping by the anchor Chris Wallace concerning his stance on masks. Wallace referenced his statement about waiters fiddling with masks. Trump did something instructive. He brought out a mask from his suit, and said he wears masks when necessary but not always . He stated that he stood with the science as against the fear mongering. He berated Joe’s mask wearing even when he is socially distant from the audience and speaking like a masquerade with masks on.

Vintage Trump charged the more on Biden when he challenged Biden to mention and pledge to LAW AND ORDER. Trump mocked Biden that he would loose his radical left base if he dared say that. Biden stuttered and Trumped rammed seemingly trying to rile Biden and it paid off when he accused Biden’s son Hunter Biden of collecting 3.5 million dollars of cash from sex traffickers in Russia.
Biden was gasping and intermittently echoed ” False”.

Trump called Joe Biden out for his 1994 crime bill that jailed many blacks. Trump touted his judicial reform which has definitely freed many blacks and built black economies, giving the black nation the lowest unemployment numbers before the pandemic struck.

Chris Wallace pressed Trump on his tax returns and Trump was unequivocal in stating that he paid millions of tax and that his returns will be released when the audit is done with.
He came strong on the economy and Biden’s 4 trillion tax increase. He really damaged Biden on the tax increase and the economy. The green new deal in Biden’s plan was ripped to shreds when Trump alleged that it will hurt the economy badly if Biden goes on with it. 100 trillion dollars to be expended just to end fracking and bring about pure energy.

Biden tried many times to parry Trumps assault on his cognitive abilities. Trump was definitely brutal when he accused Biden of lying about his law school grades, his support for the dangerous Antifa group. Biden couldn’t denounce Antifa. Rather he accused Trump of being a racist pandering to the right wing extremists.

For a while I felt for Biden because Trump was all over him. Trump was bullish and domineering, in clear terms Trump bossed him all the way. Trump made it clear that he has made a lifetime appointments to federal courts which Barrack Obama left empty. He exposed the Obama administration for not doing the needful. Biden couldn’t say anything about the supreme Court nomination and the importance of the supreme Court in adjudicating the election dispute when pressed by Wallace.

The president really tore through the mail-in ballots, exposing the fraud going on at the moment. He referenced what happened at Pennsylvania where his votes were discarded at the waste bin. The president reiterated that he isn’t against solicited mail-in ballots, but against unsolicited mail-in ballots saturating the system and leaving every for fraud.

In all Trump didn’t disappoint, he commandeered the night and left Biden in a train wreck. Interesting days ahead.

Michael King.

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This is achieved by providing data security across the entire data supply chain, explains SLVA CyberSecurity CEO Patrick Evans. In this way, he adds, one can render sensitive data worthless to ransomware attackers, and turn potential data breaches from catastrophes into inconveniences.


“Active Cypher is a data protection and control solution designed to protect and secure data across its entire lifecycle, in ways that are less complex and costly than its contemporaries. Essentially, it redefines data loss prevention, by ensuring that data is self-protected at all times, even when firewalls and other security measures fail,” he says.


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The need to get an education and international exposure has always been on the minds of many Nigerian youths. There have been calls for oversea institutions especially in North America to deepen their scholarship program for international students. In line with this reality, The University of Ottawa, a top-notch university in Canada recently made it known that they opening opportunities for Nigerians to utilize their scholarship worth up to $100,000 for African students.

The University of Ottawa made known that the new four-year entrance and excellence scholarship is worth up to $100,000 for African students newly admitted to English undergraduate programs in engineering, science, or social sciences.

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