It is with great excitement that Seamfix announces the relaunch of their identity verification solution, Verified. Not only has Verified improved, but also this solution elevates Seamfix as a global organization by posing at the forefront of digital transformation.

With over 10 years of experience providing organizations and businesses with customer-centric and ground-breaking solutions, Seamfix has taken a bold step in modifying the face of identity verification in the global and technology hemisphere. As digitization evolves, so does the hunger to join the problem-solving clan on how to be part of this emerging system increases.

So, what does Verified really offer?

Trusted Customer Onboarding:
Proof of identity has become imperative for access to goods and services in today’s world with more companies embarking on digital know your customer (KYC) process as part of customer onboarding. That being said, digital also comes with its own risks which is why Verified goes a step further to not just verify that the presented identity exists, but that it actually belongs to the human being presenting such an identity.

Going beyond APIs:
Seamfix understands that not all her customers are coders, and many just want to verify identities on the fly without writing a single line of code. Verified caters for these customers as well by presenting an easy to use and sleek interface through which businesses can verify their customers or employees.

Bulk Verification:
The upgraded solution, Verified makes provision for bulk verification – of course, at the same time, this saves time and eases verification processes. Now users do not have to verify individually or separately which could be time consuming, this exercise can be done all at once – seamlessly, and still provides accurate results.

Bringing AI into the game!
While onboarding their customers, businesses often have other needs beyond identity verification. We have taken these needs into consideration and are releasing our AI services. With our AI services, customers can enjoy face recognition services, automatically clean the background of pictures uploaded, detect age of their customers, detect liveness, and so much more.

Improved User Experience:
There isn’t a relaunch if there is no tour guide, the new Verified has a tour guide to aid smooth navigation all round the platform, and has a great user experience overall.

You’ll probably agree that secure identity verification is now a crucial part of online security and a significant challenge for businesses. Verified is more than an approach to avoid online fraud, it is a regulatory requirement to ensur fore customer’s data protection and privacy. Explore Seamfix’s new Verified and be part of a growing clan of evolving technophiles. Visit Verified Africa to start exploring.


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