Seamfix Limited, a leading people & software development company in Lagos, Nigeria has been at the forefront of digital transformation in Africa. The company emphasizes on the importance of Digital Transformation, Identity management solutions and Biometric Identity verification solutions for organizations as they prepare for a digital-everything landscape.

Chibuzor Onwurah, Co-founder & Executive Director of Seamfix Limited illuminates the big goals of the organisation as follows: “We are on a mission to improve the way organizations work by digitizing the existing processes between them and their customers to deliver a high quality of life and happiness for all’. “If you want to grow in the 21st century, your business ought to have a clear-cut road map to digitally transforming its business processes and operations right about now,” Chibuzor added.

The Education Space has witnessed Seamfix solutions especially at the university level. The company has deployed solutions in various universities in the country to digitize the entire institution’s academic records where we have created a digital warehouse that is highly secured and accessible, such that one does not need to physically scramble and search for Alumnis & students records. Just by a click of a button, one can access these students’ information and the digital warehouse provides a safe storage for these academic documents till perpetuity. This way, tertiary institutions can boost their internally generated revenue regardless of geographical location and they can also generate business intelligence and data analytics reports from their available data.

Seamfix has made monumental strides in the financial and telecommunication ecosystem. “During the pandemic”, Chibuzor continued, “we had various banks that utilized our solutions for customer onboarding which tripled their customer acquisition target. Although these banks were not operating physically, they were able to leverage their mobile app and staff strength to acquire customers and sell services to them. This is what digital transformation can do for organizations in the modern world today.”

In the Telecommunications sector, Seamfix have Telcos utilizing their services for digital customer onboarding like SIM registration, and identity validation projects. These telcos have seen exponential rise in their customer acquisition and retention, because people could easily onboard from the comfort of their homes. This also has a positive effect on customer experience and loyalty.

Today, we have some organizations from multiple sectors like the government and public sectors, piloting our revenue management solution — Billable — to help them automate and humanize their processes around billing, revenue collections and service provision to their customers, particularly at this time where self-service and remote services are key to a fulfilling customer experience. This way, they can maximize their revenue generation, and achieve efficiency and transparency in revenue management services.

Seamfix also serves as a huge enabler in the data capture and analytics spaces with solutions that power data collection of every kind. With these solutions, organizations can gather insights into what is going on in the business which helps in making informed business decisions from the data collected. With our solutions, they also ensure that the organizations they serve have more access to customers and can improve on their service quality for better customer experience. This aids business continuity and increase in revenue.

Finally, we offer verification solutions that help organizations perform online, automated KYC checks (identity and address verification) on their customers as part of their processes for onboarding and to comply with regulatory requirements. This is particularly useful in the financial industry for example, where KYC is mandatory, or for employers who have a need to verify the information of their staff and blue-collar workers. Many other organizations in other industries with similar needs also find it useful and, in the Post-COVID world of today, we have been deploying solutions to solve organization’s specific verification needs.

Seamfix is a dedicated team of problem solvers and passion-driven technophiles committed to building mission-critical solutions-there is a lot to look forward to, as they have assured that this is the beginning, as they join the evolving era of digital transformation.


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