Igbo people are 98% christians and the important of Christmas in igbo land can’t be over emphasized. In short Christmas and Valentine are one of the greatest festivities in igbo land apart from other cultural festivals like Okonko, Iri ji, Ikeji etc. Though, admit stands this year, the fanfare and boom associated with Christmas is not there as the igbo seems to take their stock and weigh the options of celebrations.
An elder stateman and a vocal igbo , Osita Chidoka observed this and he questioned “Why is sadness all over the land? I have been in the South East for sometime and I noticed the absence of the usual Christmas bustle. In Abuja, there is a despair that is palpable, a certain heaviness and resigned hopelessness. Covid-19 is sure an issue but not the root of this pervasive lack of hope.”

“Beyond bad economy and COVID-19 there is a sense of nothing to look forward to. We need something, I don’t know what…..we need to be remobilized around a hopeful future. It may not be concrete, it may not materialize but something to strive for, something to live for….”he added.

“As we walked away yesterday, from the burial of our dear friend, Nnenna Ukachukwu who died in a tragic car crash with a trailer I pledged to look for happiness. Nnenna was a sister to my wife, Aunty to my children and my sweet tooth conspirator…..”he lamented and espoused.

In positive mood and hoping for a better year he concluded by saying “In 2021, we must find happiness, nobody, no event, no power will take away our happiness. Amen.”

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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