The need to diversify the naational economy and wean the economy from the crude oil dependence got a good nod as the adminstration of Muhammadu Buhari took the bulls by the horn by flaging of young farmers scheme!

Farming has been seen a druge and being unattractive to majority of the youths especially the urban and city dwelling ones. This the presidency is trying to change by making them understand that farming can be “cool”, a vacuum that this scheme is trying to fill.

Speaking via his social media handle , President Buhari said ” I flagged off the National Young Farmers’ Scheme, designed by the newly-revived National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA), as part of our efforts to expand and modernize agriculture in Nigeria, and also increase opportunities for youth participation.”

“I have directed that all NALDA’s abandoned farm estates be retrieved to enable thousands of our young men and women to be engaged in modern, mechanized farming. I am confident that, under my watch, Nigeria will achieve food security; we will produce most of what we eat.”

Industry watchers and stakeholders in the agro ecosystem has lauded this project and opined that it will address the unemployment rate, deepen our strides in food security and most importantly make a great impact in the agro allied value chain.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu


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