The #FixPolitics Initiative has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to listen to the #EndSARS protesters, ensure that peace and justice prevail as well as demonstrate the virtues of good governance by acting on their demands.

FixPolitics, a research-based citizens collective, made up of Nigerians across various demographic groups and professional endeavours, also called on the federal and state governments to stop endangering the lives of peaceful #EndSARS protesters and grant their demands urgently.

It made this call in a press statement issued on Monday, and signed by its 103 Work Study Group members.

The group said, as a citizens-led movement created to structurally change and innovate politics across Africa, starting in Nigeria, it was lending its voice to the call for an end to brutality by the state security apparatus, especially the Special Anti-robbery Squad unit of the Nigeria Police or any other name it goes by.

“We are in strong support for calls to end the wanton maiming, killing and inhuman activities being perpetrated by wolves in sheep’s clothing in the Nigeria Police Force.

“We therefore call on the President Commander-in-Chief to build trust with the protesters by acting on the immediate measures they have demanded,” the statement read.

It also read, “As it is known the world over, an injustice to one is an injustice to all. The #FixPolitics Initiative will continue to use its platform to fight for the just cause of the masses through legitimate dialogue and peaceful means.

“The police must secure the lives and properties of Nigerians, especially the young ones who comprise the majority of our population.

”Federal and state governments, along with the law enforcement agencies, should also endeavour to distinguish between violence orchestrated by elements outside of the peaceful #EndSARS protests.”

The statement added, “Towards this, #FixPolitics urges the government to reform and position the police force for the changing needs of Nigeria in the 21st century.”

The group also called for a total and holistic re-orientation of the Nigerian Police Force, urging the Federal Government to use its machinery to ensure the protection of the lives of Nigerians.


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