A woman is wired to wait, wait to be seen, wait to be approached to, wait to be proposed to, wait to be married to, it’s rather not so easy to wait.

Imagine! you see a cute guy you would have loved to marry because you’re a woman, you have to wait until he proposes marriage to you.

If you try to re-write the narratives by doing the proposing, the society calls you desperate, it’s really not easy to wait.

In Africa, a lot of people see it as a taboo for a lady to propose to a man, I commend some ladies who have to defile the norms by going for a man they like, it takes boldness to do so,but very few ladies among the majority have such courage, so it’s really not so easy to wait.

Sincerely, as a man, I think we have so many privileges the female folks don’t have, we go for any lady we like, we marry anytime we want, but for a second, can we understand it’s not so easy to be a woman?

You courted a lady for 2 years, she waits and hopes you marry her, if she had the power to marry you, she would have paid your groom price long ago (if there was anything of such) but she waits in patience only for you to disappoint her. Very bad💔💔😭😭

So many of us cannot even wait when a lady tells us to give her some time to think about our proposals, we hate to wait.

So, I say this, don’t let a lady wait in vain, don’t deceive a lady, time is a precious asset to them.

Most ladies have waited in vain💔💔, they would have been married long ago but faced a series of disappointment, most of them are now afraid of commitment, afraid of wasting their time waiting, they don’t have the veto power to initiate marriage, the only power they have is to pray for their men to do the right things, its really not so easy to be in that position.

My advise to you as a lady, don’t force the waiting period, don’t think you can use pregnancy to force the waiting period by making him marry you, don’t think to move to his house will force the process, don’t go diabolical trying to make him marry you

©️ Chris King


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