Palestinians Launch Rockets As Israel Signs Peace Deal


The landmark peace deal between Israel and her Arab nations have been dubbed a landmark in global peace process and also a big feather in Trump’s administration. Though some Arabs might not be happy with this.

As PM Netanyahu stands next to the UAE representative and President Trump, about to sign a historic peace deal, the Palestinians just launched rockets at big Israeli cities. Millions of Israeli’s are running to bomb shelters right now.

You know what’s amazing? This pretty much sums it up. The rockets were launched at the exact moment PM Netanyahu quoted – in Hebrew and English- Psalm 29:11. “The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace”

Israel will NEVER stop praying and acting for peace.

And until the Palestinians join that prayer of Psalm 29:11, instead of launching rockets, peace for them will never come.

Yael Eckstein and Anthony Nwosu


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