Unlike the others in the market that is loaded with preservatives and artificially sweetness, this is coming with Honey! You know what honey means and it’s health benefits. Can you imagine a Yoghurt made with Honey and no preservatives? To me that is heavenly and health consious folks paradise!

The City of Awka and it’s environs will be having an exclusive opportunity of enjoying home made yoghurt that is devoid of factory settings. Jewel Yoghurts would be filling the void in the city where quality dairy products such yoghurt is not there or easily available. Designed for health conscious individuals,Jewel Yogurts hopes to bring respite to those desirous of quality dairy products.

With emphasis in hygiene and particularly having an eye on the global best practices of how yogurts are made traditionally. Jewel Yoghurts has been described as a game changer in the dairy market .

Speaking on the need to get quality Yoghurts to the citizens,Chioma Jewel, the founder of Jewel Yoghurts said ” it is a known fact that can be very healthy if well prepared especially the traditional ones with less preservatives. Yogurts can be high in protein, calcium, vitamins, and live culture, or probiotics, which can enhance the gut microbiota. These can offer protection for bones and teeth and help prevent digestive problems. Low-fat yogurt can be a useful source of protein on a weight-loss diet. Probiotics may boost the immune system.”

She added,that though the product is just few months into these highly competitive market that she is confident that their “go to market approach” is apt and on point. ” I know that people are used to big brands and name, our products aren’t designed or fashioned like them. We focused or are focusing on health conscious section of the market, what other people might call niche market. We believe that with time we would scale.”

Many other benefits of Yoghurts are many. In a nutshell,It’s Rich in Important Nutrients. Yogurt contains some of nearly every nutrient that your body needs. It’s High in Protein.Some Varieties May Benefit Digestive Health.It May Strengthen Your Immune System. Yoghurts May Protect Against Osteoporosis.It May Benefit Heart Health.It May Promote Weight Management.

Asked on how people can plaacw their others,she said that there are many channels that consumers would place orders, either via email, calls and WhatsApp number 08126634065.

Anthony Emeka Nwosu & Ebele Akaolisa


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