Chibuzor is a committed and passionate rider, always looking very neat, he follows instructions and discharges his duties to the best of his abilities.

Chibuzor goes the extra mile to ensure he upholds the value of Errand360 and he would do just about anything “legal” to please our partners and also put a smile on the customers’ faces.

Chibuzor works from Monday to Friday weekly and rests on Saturdays and Sundays.
He successfully fulfilled a total of 95 orders this month, June 2021.
Chibuzor is Errand360’s Rider of the Month of June.

Chibuzor is our MVP and the entire Errand360 Management says “THANK YOU TO A TRUE ERRAND360 HERO”

Errand360 is a community delivery hub tailored to serve users with demand for quick short errands and delivery services. Our aim is to make all our users have access to affordable delivery services and also promote Eco-Friendliness.



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