Ghana has been said to be the One of the most stable economy in Africa and the most stable economy in West Africa (ECOWAS region) having stable economy, electricity and a thriving democracy. This has made Ghana an investment destination in ECOWAS region. Said to be the second biggest market after Nigeria but the most economically stable.

With world class facilities and infrastructures ranging from education to security, this has made global companies to look out for office in Ghana, recently Twitter opened an office in Ghana giving credence to the political and economic stability in Ghana.

Conn8 Media Solutions in conjunction with Chi Tola ventures is bringing Ghana this experience to you. Many are desirous of entering the Ghanaian market, we can facilitate this move and serve as interface between you and the government. We can assist in the regulatory process; do you want to send your kids to schools in Ghana? We have you covered, are you looking at the real estate market in Ghana especially in the beautiful cities of Accra, Tema (beachfronts) and others we have you covered also.

National Symbols - Ghana High Commission - Canberra Australia

Speaking on this, Chi Tola said “We ensure that you dealing in Ghana is legitimate, ours is to help you get the documentation done. We have agents in Ghana that can facilitate this while you focus on your core duties. We are here to help you actualize your dream of business expansion to Ghana.”

She added ” we have been able to interface for many people here in Nigeria to establish businesses in Ghana or have their wards school in Ghana. You don’t need to start travelling to Ghana to get this done, we can handle it for you. “

The Ghana Business/Brand Extension Support get to answer questions like;

  • Do you want to extend your business operations to Ghana?
  • Do you want to set up a new business in Ghana?
  • Do you require a business registration or License for Ghana?
  • Do you want to school in Ghana?
  • Do you want to invest, buy land or a landed property in Ghana?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, then you need a team that knows the country well, a team with someone who can speak their languages and is well connected to the decision makers. A team made up people who know Ghana, live or lived there and can relate.

If that’s what you are looking for, call and book a consulting appointment. Our fees are moderate. Talk to us today! We can be reached on this numbers 08038187814

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