Seamfix Limited.  a leading people & software development company in Lagos has been at the forefront of digital transformation in Africa. The company emphasized on the importance of Digital Transformation, Identity management solutions and Biometric Identity verification solutions for organizations as they prepare for the new work narrative.

Speaking on their expertise over the years, Chibuzor Onwurah, Co-founder & Executive Director, Seamfix Limited said “For over a decade, Seamfix as a leading people & software development company has been at the forefront of digital transformation in Africa. We are on a mission to improve the way organizations work by digitizing the existing processes between them and their customers to deliver a high quality of life and happiness for all. Our core areas of focus are: Identity management solutions for SIM registration & KYC for Telcos and other corporate organisations, Data Capture and Analytics solutions, Transcript digitization and Academic records management solutions. We empower organizations in the Telco space, financial institutions, regulatory bodies, FMCGs, security industries and tertiary institutions with the right technology solutions to meet their respective needs.” 

On digital transformation, Seamfix has made tremendous strides in financial and telecommunication ecosystem. Chibuzor added “Our company’s mission is to empower the way organizations work by digitizing the manual processes between them and their customers to deliver satisfaction and a higher quality of life for all and our products and services help us daily to actualize this mission. To go into more detail, during this pandemic, we had various banks that utilized our solutions for customer onboarding which tripled their customer acquisition target. Even though the banking halls were closed, these banks were able to leverage their mobile app and staff strength to acquire customers and sell services to them. This is what digital transformation can do for organizations in the modern world today.”

Education space has witnessed Seamfix solution especially at the university level. The company has deployed solution in many universities in the country to assist them digitize some of their departments such as Exams and Records and has eased the process of accessing transcripts for students.

“In tertiary institutions today, there are reported cases of missing documents or files from academic records departments, due to existing poor archiving and retrieval facilities. Given the increasing number of students in the school, manual search for these files can be difficult. If there is an occurrence of a natural disaster like a fire incident or flood, such records will get destroyed and may never be recovered. Overtime, we also discovered Alumnus of the schools travel far & wide from their different locations to these schools just to make payment and get their transcript processed manually. The turn-around time in fulfilling this could take days or even months as the case may be. We recognized this was a common problem across most Universities in Nigeria who currently face consistent untreated transcripts request, compromised academic records, academic data lacking integrity, lack of storage, poor internal generated revenue growth and lack of analytics for proper administration and oversight for the responsible department “

“In this fast-paced technology driven world, people want services that will be more convenient, provide solutions faster and take away unnecessary stress and discomfort which got us thinking. We then carefully designed iTranscript, a flexible, robust, enterprise transcript solution which enables Alumnus make online payments for their transcripts, track it from the point of payment to the point of delivery without needing to go to the schools. For the tertiary institutions, our solution digitized the entire institution’s academic records where we have created a digital warehouse that is highly secured and accessible, such that one does not need to physically scramble and search for Alumnus & students records. Just by a click of a button, one can access these students’ information and the digital warehouse provides a safe storage for these academic documents till perpetuity”, Chibuzor concluded.

Seamfix is a tight-knit team of problem solvers and passion-driven technophiles committed to building mission-critical solutions for the telecommunications, public and private sectors throughout Africa and emerging markets.Solutions are tailored to improve the quality of opportunities available to organizations by digitizing their existing manual processes and automating their customer touchpoints for better service delivery to their end customers.


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