“You have all lost focus”, Uche Mefor Blasts IPOB

Uche Mefor the former deputy of the independent people of Biafra who recently fell out with Nnamdi Kanu the self acclaimed supreme leader of IPOB has been talking lately of the way the group and it’s leader has been going on lately especially in the act of blackmailing him .

Speaking via Facebook, Mefor said”Strict consideration for and in reverence to our gallant fallen heroes and heroines have always been the reason why I apply restriction and hence my comportment.”

He added “I am an indigenous person of Biafra likewise others and no Biafran should have exclusive, privileged right to abuse it.”

On the leadership of IPOB, Uche said “The truth is that the IPOB leadership and the entire members of the DOS have been busy sponsoring this ongoing fake Facebook accounts and commissioning those carrying out malicious propaganda, lies and deception against unsuspecting vulnerable Biafrans and perceived enemies. When they blackmail on social media , nobody complains but when one reacts through the social media which is the same medium they use, then there is mad rush to prevail on one and remember that it is social media.”

“Be rest assured that I am not vulnerable and have kept quiet enough. Blame yourselves for your missteps!You have all lost focus. I shall defend myself and other vulnerable individuals against these deceptive, malicious culture of impunity and recklessness. You are definitely in for a long haul.”

Nkechi Williams


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