“Ugbo Eze Chima” is the symbolic depiction of the journey of the Eze Chima clan from Bini ( Eze Chima is believed to be an Igbo native Doctor who lived in Bini until he fell out with one of the Oba of Bini) settling along the Delta State towns like Onicha Ugbo, Onicha Olona and Onitsha bordering Obosi. The arrival of the Eze Chima clan brought the idea of Kingship and Ndi Ichie to Obosi. Obosi people took the idea and the Eze Chima clan crowned Eze Shimme, an indigenous Obosi man, as the first Eze Obosi.

Obosi great sons like Late Ike Obosi Chief Eneli, Ede Obosi, Chief Mike Ajegbo, AIG Okeke, Dr. Odebeatu and my Great Grandmother are from the Eze Chima clan.

The symbolic display of the canoe draped in raffia is done at important occasions and a reminder of the journey of the Eze Chima clan. The story of Obosi has links to the Bini Kingdom and some Igala influence showing the complexity of Pre- Colonial Niger area. Hopefully, someday I will have the time to tell the stories as I heard from Elders

Chidoka Osita


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