Can we take some time off friends?

We have been through stresses and traumas as we are still reeling in the fries of their pains. It is all part of the generic African Curse or dilemma – swirling tides of misgovernance and convulted democracy. I want to share with you something that came my way today.

I was severely insulted by that:

A certain young FB female friend came to my wall in the Messenger and sent in a bizarre soliciting message. I have not seen such type before. She goes by the name Ekaete Sunday, claiming to be an Uyo based. I believe that that name must be her trade name.

She cuts a good figure, of average height, right curves, angles and topography at the right places. She is fair. These were complemented by a golden hair dye and extruding bums, possible accentuated by some addictives – artificial anyway.

Her advert poster on the Messenger sent to me solicits for my subscribing to her patented audio or video sex at N2,000 and N5,000 respectively. She mentioned diverse treats she would deliver electronically through the cyberwaves. She guarantees satisfaction. But to enjoy these, you have to place an order by paying to a dedicated account in the Access Bank. But the bank account name is different from the earlier Ekaete. I shuddered and froze. What am I reading? I was disgusted and crest fallen.

I took her up in a counter tweet asking to know why she had descended into such a debauchery and unwholesome female exposition. I mentioned that she should retrace and retract to rediscover herself, earn a descent living and keep a respectable home. I reminded her of the debasement of humanity through gay and lesbian fellowships, Satanic lodges and recruitments to which our schools and universities are in such a wholesome embrace and envelopment. I reminded too of her beauty which is capable of wining her a good and handsome husband and a dream household. I was farmished with anger and disappointment. Not because of the unabashed soliciting but the more of the swift plunge of morals in the society today.

In 1986-87 when I did NYSC in Port Harcourt, I began to see women standing along the road soliciting. I stayed somewhere along Aba Road and would go for evening walkouts up to the Airforce Base, Rumuomasi and back. I do pass by Hotel Presidential and the Insular Hotel before the Golf Course. Then cross over to the Areta Farm Estate quarters.

Hordes of girls lined up the road waiting for men. If a motorist pulls up, they walk up to him. Unfazed, boldly and unabashed. But my heart failures were of the group of HOUSEWIVES who were also in the scramble. I often pondered on why a housewife or a supposed housewife should be a member of this caste. That was then.

Today, so many of my young female FB friends are into one soliciting pattern or the other. They wore skimpy dresses, some in bare panties and no bras and post to your Whatsapp numbers. They turn around to apologise and plead that the posting was inadvertent. Funny people.

But why has the world gone so sour? Why are young girls into sacrilegious things? Prostitution by all gamuts of indecency. I know a few things which Luciferians do which they call sex magic. It has divergences into gay, lesbianism and outright straight sex. During Black Masses it is always orgies of unrestrained sex. That is why you are encouraged to enroll with your wives or girlfriends. You may sometimes exchange partners during the darkroomed tryst sessions.

Is there a way we can steer the girls away from these dangerous and debilitating ways of life? Of soliciting for abhorrent and disgusting trysts and orgies through the cyberwaves. I could not hold this neseauting experience to myself. Others may have had it too. After all, I saw the names of so many men, some of whom also are my FB friends and I believe that the Ekaete may have posted repugnant mails to them asking for patronage.

I felt strongly in great pity for this young girl and her ilks. I almost collapsed into a coma.

Innocent Nwankwo

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The Committee, which was inaugurated at the NCC Head Office in Abuja, was tasked with the responsibility of articulating measures to address mutual regulatory issues, including the review of revenue-sharing formula between Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and lottery operators.

The NCC’s Executive Commissioner, Stakeholder Management (ECSM), Barrister Adeleke Adewolu, who presided at the meeting comprising senior staff of the two agencies, recalled fondly previous engagements between the agencies and stated that the committee was important in order to review and update an NCC-NLRC Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which was signed on the 6th of August 2018 but has now expired.

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The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has said the establishment of the Nigeria-Saudi Arabia Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture will deepen the relations between the two countries beyond diplomatic ties to commerce and industry.
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Today, Meta announced the launch of the AMBER Alert Programme on Facebook and Instagram in Nigeria. Working in partnership with the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), this programme is aimed at helping to find abducted children by sending AMBER Alerts to the local Facebook and Instagram community in Nigeria.

AMBER Alert is designed to increase the chances of finding missing children by putting more people on the lookout for them. When an AMBER Alert is activated by law enforcement, the alert will appear on the Facebook and Instagram Feed of users within the designated search area, enabling them to share the information instantly with friends or contact the authorities if they have leads.

AMBER Alert is designed to include important information about the missing child such…

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Climate change can no longer be ignored

Because of its severe impact on agriculture, water resources, human health, infrastructure, ecosystems and energy, climate change is an environmental and humanitarian crisis that can no longer be ignored. Given that most of South Africa’s carbon emissions result from energy generation and the fact that as much as 80% of…

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In 1999, CNN published an article with the headline: “Is the internet maturing?” The author referred to the first airline tickets being sold online and said the internet was ‘going ordinary’ – in other words, no longer the playground of the tech-savvy, but more ubiquitous in the average Joe’s life.


Cloud, say experts, is going ordinary too. “Cloud, just like the internet back in the day, is revolutionising the way people think about their infrastructure,” says Andrew Cruise, Managing Director of Routed, a local VMware Cloud Verified and VMware Principal Partner“The conversation really started changing during the pandemic. Before, people had a bad understanding of cloud – they’d only ever heard of cloud hyperscalers like Google and Azure…

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Thinking of downsizing your home? Consider these pros and cons first


Interest rate hikes and the rising cost of living have many homeowners seriously considering downsizing. “For long-term owners and those who find themselves with an empty nest or too much space for their present needs, now may be the opportune moment to scale back. But, those downsizing for a financial quick-fix should carefully consider the costs involved as smaller doesn’t always mean cheaper,” says Andrea Tucker, Director of MortgageMe.

Having a thorough understanding of the costs involved in the sale of a house in relation to the current value of the property is important in avoiding a major financial misstep. “In theory, downsizing should be kinder on your pocket thanks to lower maintenance costs and as well as rates, taxes, and electricity savings. In the short term at least, a move to another home comes with…

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