One of the key thing that the federal government of Nigeria just like the other government of other countries are keen on is food security. This is the ability to feed their citizenry without hiccups.

Buhari adminstration has over the years shown commitment to this. Coming from a farming background and agrarian community,the president understands the importance of farming and the plight of farmers.

He spoke recently via his social media handle and opined that “Food security remains at the forefront of our administration’s agenda. I chaired a Meeting of the National Food Security Council today, where we noted the devastating impact of recent floods on the progress we’ve made so far. Our condolences go to the victims and their families. “

“I am pleased to note that many Nigerians are taking advantage of the immense opportunities in the agriculture and agri-business sector. I want to assure you that this Government will continue to support these initiatives and many more to come.”

On increased agricultural productivity through acreage, he added ,”While key actors in the Nigerian Agric space are championing increased hectares under cultivation, it has become very necessary to pivot our attention and resources to how we can improve yield per hectare. We must ensure this.”

Lately, security has been a challenge to the nation especially the farmers who can’t go to their farms daiky. The president said on security “the issue of security, to protect agricultural investments and boost confidence to our farmers we have deployed thousands of Agro-Rangers.”

“We are integrating rural communities to the formal economy by extending access to credit and inputs to rural farmers, and building feeder roads. We have also invested in building our strategic grain reserves in recent years.”

As we are in season of flood with many communities flooded. The president reached out to them and also thanked then for their patience. He said “We are grateful to all our farmers for their hard work. We will continue to do everything to support them, including those impacted by the recent flooding disaster. “

“Already, we are working to ensure the losses from this wet season are replaced in the coming dry planting season”, Buhari Concluded.

Anthony Emeks Nwosu


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