Africa Churches: It is tough being a poor worshipper!

Since you can’t pay tithes, pastor turns you into an errand boy.He sends you to buy biscuits for his children, wash pants for his wife and clean his cars.

You sweep the church for free while awaiting your heavenly reward while the pastor fly private jets and drive flashy sedans.

You are happy that your pastor is rich and argue for him whenever anyone mentions him in negative light concerning his riches.

While pastor runs to the UK at the slightest symptoms of headache he will pray for you when you are sick and bedridden.He will tell you to bring your sick mother to church for prayers instead of taking her to hospitals to waste money.

She dies and he tells you that it was God’s will while his mother has been in the UK for months receiving the best treatment that tithes can buy.

He buys a new land for a new church branch, you help to carry blocks and turn concrete, then collect blessings as reward. That way he saves on labour cost though that had been factored in the quotation and will still be reflected on the expenditure in case some nosey fellow starts asking the hard questions..You are happy to be working for the salvation of your soul, heaven will pay.
The pastor lives his heaven on earth.

The new church building is completed on your sweat.He invites the deputy president,senator,member of parliament and every other person who made sure that you are poor by design.

The whole area is policed with guns and armored cars. You are comfortably seated at the back while straining your neck to see who and who came.

The deputy president and governor and senator plus their contractor friends donate hundreds of millions for the new church while you cheer from the back.

The food they shared didn’t get to you but you are happy the deputy president and governor and senator came to your church. You even brag to others of how your pastor is well connected.

You get home, hunger Knocks angrily on the belly door, your neighbor bails you out while you wait for heaven to pay.

Age is no longer on your side, pastor hooks you up with another aunty that sweeps the church for free with no education just like you and Weds you both on a Friday evening church service and you are happy.

20 years later you are still waiting for the elusive miracle. By this time the pastor’s children have been sent abroad for studies while your kids are active members of the praise and worship team where they offer their services free of charge.

you are proud that your pastors kids are blessed and tell anyone who care to listen just how blessed the bishops family is.

Corrupted Pentecostalism is one of the worst things that ever happened to Africa.”

~Okenyi Kenechi

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