Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri on Tuesday announced that the preparation of building a modern zoo with the power of killing two thousand cows every day.

The governor who briefly stated the program after checking the properties in the state said the program is in cooperation with Malaysian investors.

The governor has shown his opinion about emptiness and old industrial tools that he has been told to exceed due to change

Governor Fintiri has declared that because of lack of cultural care, the house of warming has lost something to prove that his government has started working to change the wealth of the fighters.

It also reveals that improving the zoo will also improve the environment, it shows that this is a success for the consumers.

According to the construction project of modernization, Governor Fintiri has stated that it will help a lot to produce and connect domestic and foreign markets.

Speaking at the meeting, the Zoo Commissioner of Animals and Development Usman Yahaya Diyajo has praised Governor Fintiri for the majority of the engineers before the coming of this government gets old.

The commissioner reveals that with the current enterprise government, the zoo now has a pen holder, ram cut and a loan sharpener who claimed to clean the ate meat.

Commissioner Diyajo has repeatedly stated that Fintiri government owns cars to transport meat from builders to sell by cleaning the past.


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