FPG Technologies & Solutions Limited with its technology solution partners Nutanix, Pcysys, Blackberry and  Digalance,  recently hosted business and IT executives from different sectors across Nigeria in an event, aimed at showcasing a macro view of Digital Transformation objectives and iterate how businesses can harness innovative digital technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Automation, Cyber Resilience and Data Analytics to enable organizations to make evidence-based business decisions and enhance the customer experience. In attendance were representatives from Banking/financials, Oil and Gas, Telcos and Manufacturing sectors respectively.

In his keynote address, Rex Mafiana CEO of FPG Technologies & Solutions Limited reiterated FPG’s commitment to customer success. “FPG is primarily focused on extreme business agility and confidence.  We are committed to empowering organizations to help shape and execute their Digital Transformation strategy efficiently through addressing the challenges and benefits associated with driving Digital Transformation for the bottom line.   Digital Transformation is about agility, culture change, cross-functional teams that work efficiently and effectively together. According to him, Customer /User Experience is at the heart of digital transformation of any organization, the new culture today is that organization can make changes in their digital and IT infrastructure without disrupting their normal businesses as it currently happens in Nigeria”.

‘’At Digalance, we use a well-defined governance framework that helps organizations define and implement a digital transformation DevOps strategy which ensures business platforms and pipelines are built on a solid foundation of repeatability, testability and scalability. The governance framework covers; people, process, tools and takes cognizance of the important culture change aspects.  Digalance unlocks the power of the cloud by delivering IT modernization and helping organizations adopt digital transformation DevOps at scale’’. Willem Coetsee, Sales Director, Digalance.

Also speaking at the event on Automated Penetration Testing, Noam Segev, Distinguished Cybersecurity Consultant and Regional Director Iberia, Southeast Europe, CIS and Africa, Pcysys added: “organizations such as financial firms must always be one step ahead in having their critical assets secured.  With approaches such as vulnerability scanning, validation, mediation and penetration tasting used to checkmate breaches taking longer and longer times, coupled with the scarcity of the right skills and human limitations, we have deployed a robotic artificial intelligent solution that mimics thousands of people testing your platform for vulnerability and continuously validating your security controls and processes.  We believe that with this solution in place, organizations will reduce their operational expenditure on pen-testing.

“In these recent times when Businesses are pressured to Innovate and are more cost constrained than ever, our priority at Nutanix is to ensure Enterprises across Africa are able to deliver Computing Infrastructure Simply, efficiently and at unprecedentedly low costs through our Scale Out Architecture’’  Babatunde Abagun | Channel Manager WECA, Nutanix iterated.

Toheeb Mohammed, Sales Manager at FPG speaking at the event on Blackberry Enterprise Mobility Suite asserted, “BlackBerry is an enterprise software and services company focused on securing and managing endpoints. As a leading UEM provider, BlackBerry provides organizations with software to secure their mobile and IoT devices, products, data and communication. Our technology partners are carefully selected to match our drive to provide best in class technology solutions, bringing flexibility and agility to Nigerian businesses’’.

About FPG Technologies & Solutions Limited

FPG Technologies and Solutions Limited (a member of FlexiP Group) is an IT Systems Integrator. FPG’s vision is to provide innovative and secure IT solutions that help customers drive extreme business agility with confidence.


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